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Phenomenology 2020


It's been quite the journey getting to this point.  There have been eight events since the inception of Phenomenology in 2009, including the Phenom Family Reunion which gave us the chance to relive the history of Phenomenology 101 through 107.

The friendships built and the family-like feeling continues to this day and, as a result, everyone misses getting together for this event.

That said, it is time once again, to gather our like-minded paranormal family together, so we present you with Phenomenology 2020!

History of Phenomenology


From 2009 to 2015 NEPI (North Eastern Paranormal Investigations) brought you Phenomenology 101  - Phenomenology 107.   We brought more guests, more vendors, and more excitement each year.  2015's Phenomenology 107 was to be the last event, but everyone missed the camaraderie so much that in 2017 we brought you the Phenom Family Reunion.

Phenomenology continues to be the east coast's premiere celebration of all things paranormal and is hosted by NEPI (North Eastern Paranomal Investigations).

About Phenomenology


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