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Friday, February 12, 2021 from 10:00pm to 2:00am Investigation at Bube's Brewery

As you enter the old “Center Hotel” to check in you may encounter the ghost of a middle-aged man standing at the bottom of the central staircase of the old hotel, and here and at times see the children whom roam some of the corridors.

Very few have entered this 1800’s establishment without experiencing something… well not of this realm. Wander into the catacombs some 43 feet below the street level to discover glowing figures and disembodied laughing in the dark damp tunnels.

Perhaps the phantom couple will join you for dinner and…vanish…leaving you with the check…

One thing is for sure is that each time you enter Bube’s Brewery your bound to have a memorable experience of this world and the next.

This is not a traditional “Free-Roam” hunt but you have the opportunity to investigate the Hotel, Catacombs, dining room and other area with our guides.

Bube’s Brewery was featured on an episode of “Ghost Hunters”.

Friday, February 12 - Three Options

Dinner and Investigation $80  The dinner will be Buffet Style

Investigation Only (No Dinner) $50

Buffet Style Dinner Only (No Investigation) $30

NOTE: Must have VIP or Friday Day Ticket to purchase any of these options