Event Schedule


Thursday March 26th (VIP Ticket Holders Only)

  • 6pm to 8pm VIP ticket holder registration
  • 8pm to 9pm Celebrity Lounge Discussion -  TV and the Paranormal
  • 10pm to 2am VIP party meet and greet.

Friday March 27th (VIP Ticket Holders Only)

  • 11am to 10pm VIP Access to Vendor Room ( we will keep the vendor room open and the lectures going for those not attending the dinner)
  • 3pm to 10pm Vendor and Lectures for Friday after 3 pass holders
  • 11am Lecture: Dana Wingerd - Possession, Exorcism, and Shining the Light
  • 12 noon Lecture: Jeff Belanger - Amish Haunting
  • 1pm Lecture:  Eric Altman-Local Cryptids and Legends 
  • 2pm Lecture: Jason Gowin - Amityville
  • 3pm Lecture: Chris Fleming - Near Death Experiences
  • 4:30pm Lecture:  Andrea  Perron
  • 5:30pm Lecture: Tim Dennis- EVP or Not
  • 7:00pm Lecture: Tennessee Wraith Chasers
  • 8:00PM Lecture:
  • 9:00pm Lecture:
  • 10:30pm Ghost Hunt at Bubes for those who purchased tickets.

Saturday March 28th (All Ticket Holders - Gallery Reading & Party are Additional)

  •  11am to 8pm VIP Access to Vendor Room
  • 11am Lecture: Jason McLeod
  • 12noon
  • 1pm Gallery Reading: Chelsea Damali
  • 3pm Panel: John Zaffis, Stacey Jones, Carmen Reed, DeAnna Simpson-From the Investigator and the Survivors  
  • 4:30pm Lecture: Gypsy Healing Gallery free to VIP PASS HOLDERS
  • 6pm Lecture: Dave Schrader-Creepy Stories from the Holzer Files
  • 7:15m Lecture: Jason Hawes
  • Time TBD Party: Haunted Roaring 20s Party

All Schedules are subject to change as this is still a work in progress